With Your Host, 
Elena Herdieckerhoff 
PLUS 5 Guest Speakers

Monday, November 15th - Friday, November 19th

 A Consciousness Expansion Journey To Align Your  Business With The Power Of The Heart 

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Meet Your Guest Speakers

Hear from 5 incredible Guest Speakers who will help you master love leadership in your business

Nathalie Sader

Star Khechara

 Janna Scharfenberg

Sarah McCrum

Elena Bensonoff

Let’s join together and level-up our consciousness with LOVE so we can generate more ease and impact in our business and pave the way to a better tomorrow!

Here’s What’s In Store When You Attend!

5 Powerful Guest Speakers
guiding you to lead with love in your business

Daily LIVE Training Sessions With Elena 
to help you activate your heart to create abundant flow in your business 

BONUS: A Facebook Community of Like-Hearted Entrepreneurs!

You Will Learn How To:

  • Elevate your consciousness to access the frequency of love
  • ​Unlock the innate business brilliance you were born with!
  • ​Double your business without doubling your effort 
  • ​​​​​Magnetise new clients by awakening your "Heart Force"
  • ​Step into inspired action instead of worry-based hustle
  • ​Expand your mission of love to activate your global impact
  • ​Trust and value your heart’s wisdom and intuitive knowing

Mastermind With Me

Join this interactive Webinar to share your #1 business challenge with me and receive my personal intuitive guidance LIVE on the webinar!

I will draw on my long-standing business experience, spiritual journey, and intuitive abilities to help you!

A Love Note From Your Host,
Elena  Herdieckerhoff

As an Intuitive Business Coach, I whole-heartedly believe that love lights the way to our global, business and personal challenges.

I created this summit to be a path of empowerment so you can easily align with the energy of love, overcome challenges and unlock the door to dazzling success!

Not only that… when we join together for this consciousness expansion summit, I believe we collectively contribute to a profound “love revolution” around the world. 

I’m so excited for you to step fully into the magnificent power of the heart. Let’s begin our journey of love together and lead the way to a brighter future!

Much love from my heart to yours,

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Elena Herdieckerhoff is an award-winning Serial Entrepreneur, Intuitive Business Coach and successful TEDx Speaker. 

Her TEDx Talk, The Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People, just reached 4 million views on YouTube!

Her coaching programs and online courses help gentle entrepreneurs connect to their heart power to turn their sensitivity into their greatest asset.

Join Over 4 Million Viewers And Watch Elena's TEDx Talk On 
The Gentle Power Of Highly Sensitive People

Guest Interview Topics

Dr. Janna Scharfenberg

How To Shift From Fear To Love In Your Business

Sarah McCrum

How To Build A Loving Relationship With Money

Star Khechara

How To Embrace Your Personality & Passion For More Success

Elena Bensonoff

How Your Sensory Awareness Can Spark Inspiration, Creativity & Joy

Nathalie Sader

How To Awaken Your Goddess Energy In Your Life & Business

Elena's LIVE Trainings 
  • MONDAY: How To Activate The Energy Of Love In Your Business (Bonus: Live Meditation)
  • ​TUESDAY: How To Tap Into The Power Of Your Heart (Bonus: Live Meditation)
  • ​WEDNESDAY: 2 HOUR WORKSHOP: Discover The Key Love Strategies To Skyrocket Your Business From The Inside-Out 
  • ​​THURSDAY: How To Step Into Self-Love As A Busy Entrepreneur (Bonus: Live Meditation)
  • ​FRIDAY: Love-A-Thon Group Coaching Session